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Military buttons with regimental logos are far more than just functional closures for coats, tunics, jackets, mess dress, epaulettes, Bags and headwear. These insignia buttons Identification Of The Regiment.

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Military buttons, often adorned with regimental logos for military uniforms, serve both functional and symbolic purposes. These buttons are used on various uniforms of The Forces such as coats, tunics, mess dress, epaulettes, and headwear. They help fasten garments securely while also indicating the wearer's Forces, unit, and regiment. Beyond regimental logo buttons enhance the visual appeal and historical significance of the uniform, fostering a sense of pride and unity within the regiment. By providing clear identification, these buttons facilitate better communication and command recognition during military operations,formal occasions, and ceremonial events contributing to the discipline and tradition of military service.

  • Identification: The logo identifies the wearer's regiment,
  • Military Buttons Colour: Gilt-Chrome-Black-GP
  • Military Button: Insignia Convex-Flat With Backing Provision For Ring Holder
  • MIlitary Buttons Material: Brass
  • Military Buttons Sizes: 12mm, 16mm, 21mm, 25mm & Epaullete Button
  • Pride: Displaying the regimental insignia a sense of pride in the Force
  • Rank and Hierarchy: In some cases, buttons might also indicate the wearer's rank or position within the Force
  • Tradition and Heritage: Regimental buttons connect the wearer to a rich legacy of service and sacrifice Of the Force for Veterans
  • Secure Fastening: They ensure a clean and professional appearance by securely fastening uniforms
  • Distinction: For collectors and military enthusiasts, buttons provide a unique way to celebrate and preserve military heritage.
  • In Bulk Customised Buttons Can Be Manufactured As Per Your Choice of Design, Logo, Shape & Size
  • Send Us Your Products Requirement As Required By You on (Whats-App + 91 7411332284  OR email:-
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Indian Army JAKLI Buttons :

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